• Ultrasound Quiz 1: Back to Basics

    Ultrasound Quiz 1: Back to Basics

    The MUSIG Education team is excited to announce our first MUSIG Monday quiz! Points will be awarded for each correct response, and at the end of the year those with the most points will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a prize! Check in every 2 weeks at 6:00 PM EST… Read more

  • MUSIG Education

    MUSIG Education

    Welcome to MUSIG’s education page! The McGill Ultrasound Interest Group (MUSIG) is a student-run group that was created to help medical students excel in the practice of ultrasound. We offer frequent training events for students, participate in local and global outreach, and host an annual international ultrasound conference called MTL-SONO. In the coming weeks, we’ll… Read more

  • First Trimester Screening – Virtual Edition

    First Trimester Screening – Virtual Edition

    MUSIG is welcoming you to join our first virtual First Trimester Pregnancy teaching session this Wednesday, at 18:30! Join is via Zoom to learn more about the pelvic ultrasound and how to rule in/ rule out pregnancy in the first trimester. Sign up for this event here! A zoom link will be sent out to… Read more

  • MTL-SONO 2020

    Find out More Tickets MTL-SONO 2020 is an amazing two days of webinars by some of the biggest names in POCUSeducation worldwide! Although COVID-19 has put our hands-on POCUS training on the backburner, it has provided us the opportunity to reach out to instructors from far and wide and theresponse has been overwhelming! We are… Read more

  • MUSIG x Seeds of Change, goal achieved!

    MUSIG x Seeds of Change, goal achieved!

    On behalf of the MUSIG and MTL-SONO team, we wanted to thank all our friends, families, and supporters for helping us reach our goal and raise 10,589$ in 71 days! We could not have done it without your help. A special thank you to McGill Seeds of Change for their incredible platform and support provided… Read more

  • Milestone 500$ Seeds of Change Campaign

    Milestone 500$ Seeds of Change Campaign

    Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to achieve our 500$ milestone! As promised, here is an introduction to advanced cardiac views using our butterflyIQ ultrasound probes, made possible through last year’s campaign! Read more

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