Meet the Team

Ian Beamish copy

Ian Beamish – MUSIG President  

Class of 2021

“Grew up on a dairy and vegetable farm.”



Hossein Taheri copyHossein Taheri – VP Operations & Co-Founder 

Class of 2020

“I’m a photographer and I take live photos of the inside of human body with ultrasound.”



Cristina Pop copy

Cristina Pop – VP Communications

Class of 2021

“The first time I saw my heart on an echocardiogram was during a MUSIG event when I was teaching some first-year medical students!”


Stefania Dzieciolowska copyStefania Dzieciolowska – VP Fundraising

Class of 2021

Co-lead on Seeds of Change Campaign.

“I used to be in a Shakespeare Theatre group for many years”


53283308_594548081009632_8232319543167418368_nMélyssa Fortin – VP Outreach 

Class of 2021

“From teaching to diagnostic purposes, ultrasound allows you to visualize the human body from the inside. At first, all I could see was black and white figures. With time and practice, you surprise yourself recognizing patterns and structures. I am very happy to promote and share learning opportunities with my peers!”



Carl Laverdiere copy

Carl Laverdière – VP Innovation

Class of 2021





Melissa Berman Rosa copy

Melissa Berman – VP Outreach

Class of 2021

“I love cats and knitting and so essentially I’m an old lady trapped in a young body.”




Jimmy Hsu – VP Planning and Promoting

Class of 2021

“I love Dungeons and Dragons”



Iain McPhee copy

Iain Mcphee – Med 1 Representative

Class of 2022

“My name, Iain, is from the traditional Scottish Gaelic language and translates to ‘John’ in English.”




Cyril Boulila – VP Executive

Class of 2021

“My favorite animal in the world is my small incontinent poodle.”






30728553_10155297671181957_8534618170596524032_oVictor Kang – VP Finance 

Class of 2022

“I joined MUSIG because I am excited about the technology being developed around ultrasound and making it portable for every physician! Fun fact: I speak 5 languages”