Lung, Subxiphoid & AAA Ultrasound

MUSIG will be hosting a Lung, SubX, and AAA Ultrasound workshop this month. Come check out our new Butterfly iQ -Ultrasound machines! Participants will be able to try these state of the art, handheld ultrasound machines for themselves!

This is a SCAN AND BE SCANNED session. Please dress appropriately. If you do not wish to be scanned please indicate this in the sign-up sheet, and we will try our best to accommodate.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

WHERE: McIntyre Medical Building. rm 202/203

SESSION 1: 6 – 7:30pm – 9 students
SESSION 2: 7:30 – 9:00pm – 9 students

The Sign-up sheet will be found on our Facebook page. 


****KEY POINTS****
There are a limited number of spots available per session. If the number of people who sign up exceeds the number of spots, those who signed up will be selected randomly. The random selection will take place on Saturday, Nov 16th. The selected names will be posted in the comment section of this event.

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