Crash Course on Renal Scan

Join us on Zoom for a crash course on how to scan the kidney with an Ultrasound! We’ll go over everything from how a normal kidney looks like to how to diagnose hydronephrosis and nephrolithiasis. Aren’t you tired of waiting for radiology to dictate their reading of the renal scan?

We are constantly working on improving our Zoom lectures and make them as clear as possible so that you understand exactly what to do even if you don’t have a probe in your hand. Promise to make it short & sweet, very high yield.

When? Wednesday, January 20th at 7:00 PM.

Where? On Zoom. Fill in our google form and we’ll send you an email with the Zoom link!

Who? This crash course is designed for all medical students, from 1st to 4th year, who want to master the renal ultrasound and impress their peers!

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