Family Medicine Symposium

The 10th Annual Family Medicine Student Symposium will be hosted by McGill University this year on Sept 29th! MUSIG will be holding intro to US workshops at the Sim Centre for students from other universities from around Quebec and Ottawa University!

This workshop will introduce students to Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and provide students with the opportunity to work with ultrasound machines. This workshop will help students connect what they learn in basic science courses, anatomy laboratory, and basic clinical foundations. This is achieved through participation in a hands-on session led by senior medical students and residents.

When? September 28, 2018. 8am-6pm.

Where? Steinberge Centre for Simulation and Interaction Learning (Sim Center) – 3675 av. du Parc

Registration? Online, or in person.–YFSVvE4FEufYqCsxD0ZpCHHfDj49ystEnw-dhFrukyg

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