HABS Raffle Tickets !!

Participate in the raffle for Montreal Canadiens Tickets against Pittsburgh Penguins! All proceeds will go to the McGill Ultrasound Interest Group in medicine!


Tickets for Game day
What: 2 tickets in the 120 red section+ free parking pass
When: Saturday March 2nd, 2019

Please send e-transfers to: musig.president@gmail.com
Password: musigholiday

Sign up in the link below


Edit: Thank you all for taking part in this raffle that has been ongoing since this past December 2018. All proceeds will go towards MUSIG’s purchase of used ultrasound machines in order to continue running awesome and informative ultrasound events for McGill University’s medical students. By participating, you will have enabled us to provide training and learning opportunities for students, as well as have given us the ability to benefit others through community outreach!

The winner was randomly selected and this process was witnessed by the President of the Medical Students’ Society in order to maintain fairness and complete transparency.

If you participated in the HABS Ticket Raffle, please check your emails to see the winner!

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